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* The product designed with High Pressure Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Technology

* Electromagnetic high impact (deep inner wall pest repelling)

* Dual high impact speakers

* Built-in floor light with on/off switch

* Audible human test button

* Pest Confusion Selectors: Variable/Fixed and Continuous/Random

* Impact Selector: Direct all Power to either insects or rodents


Technical Specification

* Coverage: 100 sq.m

* Sound pressure:100DB

* AC working style, low power consumption, suitable for long life operation

* Rated Voltage: 110V-240V

* Frequency: 50-60HZ

* Power consumption: 5W



·    Ultrasonic waves do not pass through walls, doors or furniture.

·    Do not place the device behind curtains, sofas or other furniture that may block the

Its impact

·    Use at least one unit per room for protection.

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