MAINNAV GPS Sports Watch CEMW078

Sport Watch Spec
• OLEO display: Using organic light-emitting diode (OLEO) 1. 5 inch
• Heart-rate sensor, Speed +Distance Sensor, Temperature sensor
• Countdown timer, Alarm reminder
• Pedometer/pace
• GPS: High sensitivity SiRF Star III LP chip
• Watch Physical size: 69 x 55 x 23.5 mm Weight: 75g
• Bluetooth 2.0 (optional) transmission 10 meters
• GPS record-location recorded
• Battery: li-ion 400 mAh
• Battery life: Normal use 66 hours Charger interface: mini USB

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MAINNAV is a watch that tells you where you are–not only does it tell time but also saves time by showing you the right path. This state of the art device MAINNAV with particular rugged new looking and cutting-edge GPS technology (GPS watch + Bluetooth), solves all your problems for sporting and traveling. The most distinguishing part is this AII-in-one GPS watch mark with BT function. While you turn on the BT function, it turns out to be a BT receiver.
You might pair with your BT device for navigation. Watch combine with our navigation technology, raising the GPS to next level. Innovator MAINNAV has all of the watch features you’ve come to expect like a date, time, alarm and timer. It also comes with lots of things for fit people, such as review altitude, speed, distance and heart rate performance. The high tech Styiish gadgets Innovator MAINNAV is enough for the weekend warrior, technical enough for the extreme athlete and sports lover. . Product Feature
• Bluetoath – transmission GPS signal to any devices
(PDA, smart phone and so on) for Navigation.
• Equipped with GPS SiRF star III
• Separation of watChband, with lanyard can
hang on neck or put on the bike for sporting.
• Special bike frame for biking, trainer could
easy see the speed while biking.
• Display speed/distance/ temperature
• Time correction
• Water resistant (IPX7) • Altitude/elevation data GPS- provided altitude with vertical
• adjustable and flexible strap
• Smart Power Saving mods
1-year warranty

Technical Specifications

• Charger voltage: 4.200 ± 0.049V
• Battery capacity: Typical 400mAh
Minimum 350mAh
• Operating temperature: Charge 0-45.C
Discharge -10•C – +50.C
• Operating temperature: -40•C to +85.C
• Storage temperature: -45•C to +100.C

1) SiRF Star III LP chip
2) Acquisition:20 channel parallel
3) Tracking: up to 12 satellites
4) Update rate: 1 second
5) Acquisition time
Reacquisition 0.1 see, averaged
Snap start 3 see, aVeraged
Hot start 6 see, aVeraged
Warm start 38 see, aVeraged
Cold start 42 see, averaged
• Heart rate sensor
Use IR (infrared) sensor -to monitor your heart beating (put your finger on the sensor) . Bluetooth

• Transmits up to 10 meters

• SPP Profile, V2.0

• Bluetooth only for transmission GPS signal to
any devices (POA, smart phone and so on) for


o Accessory

– Gift box

-Tnnovator MW-705

– USB interface charger

– Travel charger

– Owner’s manual

– Lanyard

– Bike frame

– Maqnet
– Small Tool for open charger cover


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