GSM Wireless Home Alarm System SHWA008


GSM Wireless Home Alarm System – Specially designed for Homes & Apartments, Offices & Small Businesses, Boat & Caravan. Easy Setup & Operation. Fully Expandable Standard package list:
Main panel x1
Wireless door sensor x1
Wireless infrared sensor x1
Wired mini siren x1
Wireless remote control x2
AC power 110-240V x1

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99 wireless and 2 wired zones, PSTN+GSM dual network accepted
Human voice instruction operation
Alarm panel can set multiple zone modes: emergency defense, partial arm, multi-checked defense zone,
Delay alarm defense zone ,delay-alarm zone, repeat triggered alarm zone, doorbell, and more
Alarm siren volume can be adjusted, chose between 0-99, 0 is silent, 99 is the loudest
10-second automatic message recording
Built-in back up battery continue to provide more than 8 hours
Auto-switch if AC power is off
Be compatible to international ADEMCO contact ID protocol
Preset max 6 group of alarm numbers and program them freely to alarm with call only, or SMS only, or call +SMS
Password required before user programs the system
User can assign the SMS alarm content to regulated zone
For example, we can set SMS alarm information “smoke sensor alarm” to zone 05 by press # +05 + smoke sensor alarm+ # on the panel SMS alert when AC power failure or recovery

Technical Specifications

Working power: AC=100-230V, DC=12V, 1A
Static current: <35mA (when not charging) Alarm current: <120mA Full charging time: 8 hours 4-band is optional: 850/900/1,800/1,900MHz GSM transmit power: 2W Receiving and emitting range: >100m (non-block)
Working condition:
Temperature range: -10-70ºC
Humidity range: 5~80%


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