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Auto Audio Recorder with Magnetic

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• Supports 175 hours of continuous voice recording or up to 2 months in-car recording (works 3 hours per day). Remotely controlled secret recording
• Auto voice activate function support starting recording when in-car conversation starts and stops when the conversation ends.
• Built-in 2600mAh rechargeable high temperature resistance lithiuni.battery enables device working inside the car around high temperature environment.
• Industrial-strenqth magnets built-in supports device being attached under the car seat to
avoid regular car cleaning.

Technical Specifications

Size: 125mmx5 1 mmx33mm
Operating Temp: -1 0 to 55oC
Storage Temp: -40 to 85 oC
Power: Rechargeable, 2600mAh, Lithium-Ion Battery


A. Time Settings
Time format: Year-Month-Day Hour-Minute-Second
Change the time to the current time after the equal sign.
B. Voice Sensitivity Settings
The smaller number of the sensitivity rate the higher voice required.
Voice Sensitivity Range: 0-50
Default Rate:’ 0
C. Mute Time Settings
Device will stop recording after conversation ended for certain minutes.
Mute rate: 0-999 minutes
Default Rate: 3
D. Voice Quality Settings
Ratel: 32Kbps, 8G memory can store 580 hours audio
Rate 2: 64Kbps, 8G memory can store 290 hours audio
Rate 3: 192kbps, 8G memory can store 96 hours audio
Default Rate: 2
E. Record Amplify Settings
For long distance recording, voice will be enhanced by amplifying record.
Ratel: Within 1 M range
Rate 2: Within 1-3M range
Rate 3:Within 3-sM range
Rate 4: Over sM range
F. Record time periods settings
The time setting default one week for one cycle. From Sunday to Saturday, you can set
the record time periods according to your request.

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