Wireless Magnetic Switch SHMS010


It can be used for all kinds of anti- burglar alarm system to detect whether the door, window or drawer is illegally open or moved. Once opening or moving detected, the detector will immediately send the signal in a wireless way to the mainframe, so as to achieve the goal of anti-burglar alarm.

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• I *I.5V AA batte ultra-low Rower consumption in static mode
• Can detect under low-power status
• MCU digital code, compatible with 2262/1527 coding
• Button with 3 functions optional: testing, code-matching and emergency button
• Anti-RF interference (20V/m-1GHz)
• SMT process
• Built-in antenna with elegant appearance
• Novel appearance design, perfect match to home decoration

Technical Specifications

Operating voltage: 1.5V (1 *AA battery)
Static current: ~2. 5uA
Alarm current’


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