Wireless Audio/Video Sender CEVS104


Watch your TV, VCR, DVD, Sky satellite, Freeview or cable on a TV in any room in your home without needing to run a wire between them. Simply plug the transmitter into the source device (DVD, satellite receiver, etc.) and the receiver into the SCART socket of the TV. The audio and video will then be transmitted from the source device to the second TV wirelessly. For maximum convenience, the unit also relays the signals from your remote control back to the source so you can use your normal remote control to change satellite channels, etc. from the other room. Supplied complete with SCART leads and plug in mains adaptors.

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*Transmits sounds and pictures from any of your existing A/V components to your second TV wirelessly
*IR relay function allows you to use remote handset to operate presentation A/V components in other room in the house
*Designed for easy and quick installation
*2.4 GHz signal penetrates walls, floors, and ceilings(range of approximately 300 feet with a clear line of sight)
*Both PAL and NTSC compatible

Technical Specifications

A/V Transmit Frequency – 2.4GHz
Remote Control Frequency – 433.92 MHz
AV Signal Range – 100 meters (300) clear line of sight
Remote Control Signal Range – 70 meters (200) clear line of sight
Antenna – Built –in omni-directional antenna
Channel – 3 selectable channels
A/V mod/demand method – FM
Audio – Stereo audio input and output
Video – Composite video input and output
Dimensions – 13(W) x 3.2 (H) x 10.5 (D) cm
(5.1 x 1.3 x 4.1 inches) each for transmitter/receiver
Weight – 160g (5.6 ounces) each for transmitter/receiver
Power – DC 9V, 00mA
Operating temperature – 0⁰C – 40oC (32⁰~104oF)


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