Digital Ink Pad UGDP001


A breakthrough in innovation, the powerful, versatile, portable device and platform where the handwriting input is essential. . PACKAGES CONTENTS
Digital Ink Pad x 1
Digital Ink Pad A/P CD
Digital Ink PEN x 1
USB Cable x 1
Note Paper Pad x 1
AAA Batteries x 5 (4+1)

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1. Professional digital notes taking with tablet function.
2. No special paper, A4/Letter size suitable.
3. Smart ink files management, with 26 folders (A-Z), 99 pages each.
4. 32MB memory for 100 pages stored-up, SD card expandable.
5. Efficiency sharing the minutes, notes or sketches via E-mail.
6. Great tool for drawing, presentation, e-signature, and messenger chatting.

Technical Specifications

Dimension: 331.9(L) x 252.8(W) x 13.5 (H)mm
Active Area: 8 1/2” x 11”
Weight: 670.0g (642.8g without battery)
Writing Height: Max. 13mm (around 130 sheets)
Built-in Memory: 32MB NAND flash
Expandable Storage: Secure Digital Memory Card
Battery Life: Continuous Writing Time – more than 20hrs
Power saving: 3 sec Auto-Standby-15 min shut-down
Power Consumption
– Writing Time: 80-90mA (240 – 270 mW)
– Standby Time: 15-20mA (45-60 mW)
Power source: Inking – 1.5V AAA Battery *4/USB port with connection to computers
Connection Interface: USB 1.1 (Full Speed: 2.0 compatible)
Resolution: 1000Lpi
Features: Digital inking/Tablets/Mass Storage
Certificate: CE, FCC, BSMI

Power source: AAA Battery * 1
Battery Life (writing hours): 15 months
LED Indicator: Blinking if low power

Microsoft Windows XP/2000
Pentium II 1GHz (or equivalent) processor or higher
256MB of RAM
CD ROM drive
An available USB port
Color Monitor


Use Digital Ink Pad to take digital notes…
Use the digital ink pen, just write down whatever you want on ordinary paper as the natural way. Your notes, ideas, and sketch will be stored in the pad digitally in real time. Handwritten files recognized to text for sharing.

Use Digital Ink Pad to take arrange forms…
After filling-in the questionnaire, resume or any forms, you can integrate your handwritings into Microsoft Word, Excel, or Power Point templates, making a complete digital form. Digital Ink Pad save you a lot of time from retyping and helps you efficiently collect the masses of data into database for further arrangement.

Use Digital Ink Pad as tablet…
The offline sketch can be edited in professional S/Ws. A perfect presentation assistant at the meetings. Great tool for handwriting mails. Office document annotations, and MSN handwriting chatting.

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