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Multi-function Secure Electronic Dog will play the ‘Forest’ melody (including security sounds), which can inform the owner in advance of arriving visitors. It will auto play the ‘Forest’ melody when visitors are within 7 meters. It is controlled by a radar-wave sensor. Functions using an electronics radar-wave sense control, which can detect through any medium such as: wood, cement, brick, glass, paper, cardboard, curtain, etc. When a thief or intruder comes within 7 meters of the “secure dog”, it will automatically bark (Woof! Woof! Woof!) Imitating a genuine vicious dog. It is a very effective security alarm, which will immediately scare away any unwanted visitors. This “Secure Dog’s” maximum sound volume can reach up to 100dB. Adjustable radar sensitivity and volume controls.

Technical Specifications

Electric Parameters
INPUT: 100-240VAC

Power: 8W
Noise: 95 ± DB (1.5m test value)
Unload: < 250 mA
Load: < 450 mA
Maximum: < 750 mA
Metal objects: all metals and relevant metal products.
Object containing metals: steel and concreted materials etc. (The bigger the metal contents and the density are, the stronger the barrier is )
Other electric objects: such as the glass fish crock shield ( water: electricity-conductive)
Ultra-thick barriers: such as thick walls, multi-layered walls etc.
Frequently-changed environment phenomenon: Bigger parameter changes under environment may cause misinformation such as the environments below:
High temperature suddenly decreased to low temperature ( high frequency features)
Sudden heavy rainstorm in sunny days (A. raindrop is dynamic object; B. big rain curtain forms electricity-conductive barrier.
Strong wind suddenly occurs in placid days (strong wind blows the objects and it will be inductive to run detecting function).
(Special warning): While operating, we must pay attention to its operating environment for all weak electricity products and household electric devices. Try to use it under conditions which are waterproof, anti-damp, ventilated and dry, far from high temperature etc. Try to avoid any abnormal objects falling into inside and thus causes short or damage of parts and components. Use safe power and do not plug or pull out switch when power is ON (emergency case is an exception). When any problem occurs, try to contact professional staff for maintenance…


Applicable location: offices, homes, stores, warehouses, factories, etc.

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