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1.  High-speed: It needs. only 7 minutes to boil the eggs.

2. Power consumption: 400 Watts.

3. multi-functions: This equipment can be used as boiler and steamer together. Make your life more convenient.

4. Suit for different taste. Setting the timer for your preference.

a. Soft – The yolk is not solidified, the egg white. is little solidified

b. Medium – The yolk is liquid ..

c. Hard – T’he-yolk is solidify

5. Convenient. – The equipment has a mini-computer to control the time and put and the buzzer lets you know when the eggs are cooked and the electric will be putted off.

6. Save & Secure – The products of ADA are strictly according ISO9002’s standard. All the products are examined strictly.

7.- . Easy to clean – Stainless and removable parts make cleanup easy .

Technical Specification

1 .Item Number: ADA 187

2. Power Source: 230v 60Hz

3. Consumed power: 400W

4. Eggs Capacity: < 7

5. Egg Custard Bowl Capacity: 275ml

6. Dimension: 222 X 190 x 173 (mm)

Net Weight: 735g


1. Put the equipment on the table, catch the plug from the bottom, open the lid, and take out the measuring cup, bowl and egg shelf.

2. Get some water with the measuring cup and put it into. the heater .

3. Make the egg tray above and coincide the heater.

4. If you want to boil the eggs, put the bigger side of the eggs into the holes of the egg shelf.

5. If you want to make the custard, please break 1-2 eggs and add some salt or other seasoning then stir it in the egg bowl.

The quantity’ of water is about at 4/5 of the bowl’s height.

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