Biometric Car Starter ASCS005


Biometric Car Starter is a security device installed inside the car , which does not allow your car to be started without fingerprint verification even if right key is used. It immobilize your car in your absence and prevent it from theft or use by un-authorized person.

You can register yourself (fingerprint) as master and can also register fingerprints of your family, friends who are authorized to use your car. SecuOn can store upto 100 fingerprints.

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Technical Specifications

Installation : Fingerprint car immobilizer
Biometric Car Starter comes in two parts, Fingerprint control unit and Fingerprint scanner unit. Fingerprint scanner unit can be installed at a convenient location on the car deck with the keypad and scanner slots exposed. Control unit is normally installed inside the deck. Connector between the steering wheel lock cables and engine circuit cables is disconnected and connected to the Fingerprint control unit preventing any direct control over engine. Car electrician is required to install the device.

How to register : Fingerprint car immobilizer
When you power on the device for the first time, green led keep blinking , means no master is registered. In this state, if you press Enroll key and place your finger on scanner it will get automatically registered as master. At the time of registration finger is scanned twice, after first scan remove your finger and then place again when scanner blinks. Once master is registered two more masters and 97 more fingerprints can be registered only after master finger verification. You can enroll, delete fingers and manage authorization to your car.

How to use : Fingerprint car immobilizer
Insert key in the the Steering wheel lock and take it to Ignition/ACC position. Press enter key on the Biometric Car Starter keypad and place finger on the scanner. On successful Identification Green LED will get on. Now you can start your car normally. Green LED will remain on Indicating that Immobilizer has been deactivated. Once you take the key back to off position or take it out, within 15 secs the green LED will get off, indicating that the immobilizer has been activated.

Emergency : Fingerprint car immobilizer
Master can set a emergency PIN number to start the car in case Fingerprint scan is not possible or corrupted due to any reason. This pin consist of 4 codes, each code can be any number between 1 to 255. Hence pin looks like: 38, 244, 252, 96. PIN is entered using single button based on the LED blinks. It can take upto 15 mins to enter the code even if you know it correctly. Trying different combinations to break the code can take many days and is very irritating to avoid such abuse.


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