180W Car Chrager With Battery Checker ASCH013


Multi Car Adapter with battery checker.
Direct Plugin: Cigarette lighter
Battery Checker: LCD display voltage of battery

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1. This ia a muliti-function car adaptor, the car charger head is the power input port,there are kinds of functions as below: . A: There are three cigarette lighters for cigarette lighting;
B: Input Voltage display function (the Voltage range is DO.5V-30V)
C: Support charging mobile Phone, PDA, MP3 etc ..
2. Four USB output, can charge four devices at the same time.
3. Red LEO display when Connect with the power Or charging the devices.
4. Compact design, easy to carry.
5. BUild-in short circuit, over charging protection function.

Technical Specifications

1. lnput Voltage: DC 12-24V
2. Input current: (It is the input current when using the charger, not Using the cigarette lighter) Without load: 15mA MAX with load: 3A MAX
3. USB output Voltage without load: DC 5.0V – 5.4V With load: DC “‘4.75V
4. USB 1 output current: 2.5A MAX
USB 2 output current: 2.5A MAX
5. USB output Ripple Noise: 200mV MAX
6. Input protection: there is a 15A resumable safety fuse at the charger input POrt, when input current is too high, the safety fuse will be melted automatically, then power will be cut off, the charger have no output, the cigarette lighter cannot be lighted up, no display for the Voltage. When input current back to normal, the temperatwe of the resumable safety fuse will be reduce to normal, and then the above three f~nctions will be resume to normal status.
7. Output short circuit protection: when the Charger output port short circuit, the charger will limit
input and output power; when charger relieve from short circuit, it can resume to the normal
charging state automatically.


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