Walk Through Metal Detector-600 UGMD018

• Simple structure design and stable performance
• 6 zones
• DSP controlled
• Unique intelligent sensitivity adjustment by scanning memory
• Optional built in back- up battery

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1. The whole product is consisted of two parts: Left-right detecting gate +Mainframe Left –right detecting gate board is unified detecting coverage from its fire – proof, wear – resisting and high – strength
2. There are 6 detecting areas spreading evenly over the left and right detecting gate boards from its top bottom; therefore, it is called a 6 position detecting
3. On the sides of left-right detecting gate board, there are aluminum alloy strips for protection; and fixing wares.
4. The control circuit is highly integrated, which is especially stable in performance and long in life.
5. Eight work frequency spots are set up in array; standard distance to assemble the gates is 50 CM
6. Information will be marked down on the front panel e.g. number of persons passed-by, times of alarm, strength of interfering signals, etc.
7. Sole detecting area can adjust its sensitivity privately, without coordination to adjust the overall sensitivity; it can be adjusted in 100 degrees within its scope; therefore, it can meet the customer’s demand to reject the items e.g. belt buckle, gold or silver jewelry, etc.
8. The product realizes the function to adjust the sensitivity by intelligence; that means, if you want to detect a metal, you can just put it at the middle of the gate to scan, and then you finish the adjustment of sensitivity. This is absolutely the unique function in the world.
9. The product does no harm to cardiac pacemaker in human body, hearing aid, pregnant woman and CD compact disc, etc.

Technical Specifications

Product package dimensions
Product external dimensions:
Working power: AC:110V-220V
Working power: 30W
Working temperature: -20OC-55oC


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