Walk Through Metal Detector-1000 ISMD010

• Cylindrical and attractive design (Appearance design patent)
• Optional 6, 12 or 18 zones
• DSP and Microprocessor controlled
• Waterproof
• Light weight
• Optional built in back-up battery

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• Two parts: right and left detecting board + mainframe ergonomically designed tamper- proof and anti-blind spots designed.
• Pinpoint Zone Detection: 33 zones shows precise target locations on the theft, center and right side of the body from head to toe
• Independent detection and LED displaying on the right, center and left zone, the max sensitivity is one-coin sized. If the target metal detected on the left zone, the left LED will light, if on the right zone, the right LED light, and if center, the left and right LED both light.
• High capability of anti- interference; The adoption of digital analogy and left and right balanced technology can prevent false or omitted alarming, which greatly enhance the capability of anti-interference.
• The metal detecting gate can be operated either through the remote control or by the operation panel directly.
• A processor based continuous Wave Multiple Sensor Measurement Method with self-testing diagnostics and high stability Digital Signal Processing
• Adjustable sensibility: Each zone sensitivity can be adjusted separately, ranging from 0 to 99.
• Protection with password: The protection from the password can only allow the authorized person for the operations. It is highly safe.
• 8 doors can be put side at intervals of only 50CM without mutual interference.
• Harmless to human body: Low intensity magnetic field that is harmless to heart pacemaker installed in human body, pregnant women, magnetic floppy, recording tapes, etc.

Technical Specifications

Working power: 30 W
Voltage: AC: 11OV-220V
Working temperature: – 20oC – 55oC
Product exterior dimension:
2200 mm *800 mm *600 mm
Product interior dimension:
2050 mm *700 mm *600 mm
Net weight: 75KG Gross weight: 90
Standard: GB15210-2003


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