Stun Master PSSM002


The purpose of stun master, and all other non-lethal self defense products, is to give victims time to escape. Cell Phone Stun Master is very simple to use. Turn safety off, touch assailant with end of stun master and press the trigger (round button on keypad). Because it looks like a harmless cell phone, it will be easy to surprise an attacker. Use the cell phone stun master, then run for safety. Don’t stand around waiting to see if your attacker is going to get back up. Uses 2 CR-123A Lithium batteries (not included).

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Stun Master stun guns are simple to use and reliable. They are effective because of the low amperage shock they give. People usually think it is the high voltage of stun guns that stops an attacker. Not true. Voltage doesn’t hurt anyone…it’s amperage. Stun Master stun gun only have between 3-6 milliamps. Just enough to temporarily incapacitate an attacker without doing any permanent damage. Stun Master stun gun is an effective self-defensive device

Technical Specifications

800,000 Volts electric shock
Safety Switch
Candy Apple Red Front
FREE Holster
4.5 inch tall X 1.75 inches wide X 1 inch thick
Lithium batteryUses Two CR-123A Lithium Batteries (not included)


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