Micro Mini Phone Charger CEPC089


The world’s smallest phone charger is a seriously small portable phone charger. It is small enough for you to carry it around wherever you go, doesn’t depend on you remembering to charge it, and it relies on something readily available everywhere: household AA batteries.
Portable mini USB charging from batteries for Android, color mix

This compact accessory will save you in the most unusual situations. Being in nature or just away from home, you will always be in touch with your loved ones!

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• An Essential Emergency Charger Powered by 2AA Battery; No Need to Bring Cable or Power Bank to Charge
• Best Solution for the Power Needs When Outside; Find AA Battery in Every Store to Instant Charge Your Phone
• 98% Transfer Efficiency to Charge Android Phone(2500mah Battery) to 40% within 30 Minutes
• Mini Shaped with Magnetic to Fit Handily into a Pocket or Key Chain; Super Light-Weight for Only 10g
• Built-in Circuit Protection; Stop Charge by Itself When AA Battery Used or Phone Charged Full
• Can use for iPhone with Adapter (not included)

Technical Specifications

♦Connector: microUSB; ♦ Input Voltage:1.5-3 V
♦ Output Voltage:5V
♦ Output USB: micro USB
♦ Output Current:500mAh-1500mAh
♦ Support: 2 AA battery
♦ Size:17mm*17mm*17mm
♦ Fits for: any micro USB port smart phone
♦ Available Color: Black
♦ Package Includes: Cell Phone Charger


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