Fire Extinguisher EX 8.0 S FSFE010

The German F-Ex 8.oS) Fire extinguisher is an all-rounder extinguisher, suitable for A,B, C and E classes of fire in home fires, offices, factories, ships, vehicles etc. A non pressurized system, simple & quicker to use, even by children. Excellent extiguishing ability, non-toxicity, harmless to human and animals.

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it can be used in any position (36 degree orientation)
Lasts for 3 years before expiration, as against the other conventional extinguishers in the market which last for only 12 months
Is safe and easy to operate and simple to use even by children, the elderly, sick and physically challenged
They are non-pressurized which means that even if they are engulfed by flames, they will not explode
More effective than the conventional types and it’s environmentally friendly
Need no maintenance thereby making it more economical
Can be used in the kitchen, rooms, basements, vehicles, ships/boats and industrial places
Suitable to fight initial fires as most fires start when people are around

Technical Specifications

ExtinguishIing Agent: 800 ml foaming agent
Extinguishing performance: A acc. To NF S61-804, 8B,5F
Functional range 0 degree C to+70 degree C
Spray range: approx. 5.0m
functional duration: approx. 25 sec.
Inspection number: SP 190/10


For Classes Hold upright
Withdraw safely pin
Press lever fully down
Point Nozzle at Base of the Fire
Recharge after use even partial
Check periodically
Working temperature range

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