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The brand new Nextbase Click 10 is a revolution in portable entertainment

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There are key differences between the Nextbase Click 10 compared to other products on the market.

This is the key difference between this unit and any other non Click and Go system. Up to now virtually all aftermarket portable DVD players have come with basic headrest mounting systems.

The new Nextbase Click and Go headrest mount is different. It has been designed from day one to be crash test safe with special metal inserts in the players and a neat Click and Go locking system. This has enabled the Click and Go series to PASS European crash test standards to keep your family safer.

The Click and Go system is Convenient
Standard DVD players require mounting onto the car headrest with the power cable being plugged into the side. This is often time consuming, difficult and a little untidy especially with small children.

With the Click 10 the player simply slides onto the mount, clicks in place and the DVD starts automatically. The power cable from the cigarette lighter goes directly into the Click and Go headrest mount providing a much neater solution as the cable can be plugged in once, and then left in place.

The Click 10 is a DVD player that is compact, yet full of features
The screen utilises the new LED backlight technology, using Light Emitting Diodes to generate far greater contrast and brightness ratios providing a crystal clear high resolution image. This technology also helps to keep power consumption to a minimum.

The DVD player is fully Multi-region so you can enjoy films purchased in any country. It supports a huge range formats including DVD, DVD±R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW as well as Video: MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (DVD); Audio: CD, MP3; Photo: JPEG. With this wide range of format support it means you can use this portable player not only as your movie player but also as your music player with support for audio CDs and MP3s. Inbuilt anti-skip circuitry in essential for any portable DVD player, and this ensures that the playback is smooth, even over rough terrain.

The 10” screen on the Nextbase Click 10 has an extra wide viewing angle. This feature is perfect for sharing a movie together with a friend, at home or in the car. There are also USB and SD ports on the side of the DVD player which allow you to watch movies, (full DivX support) view photos and listen to music directly from a memory stick or SD card.

All of the Nextbase Click and Go systems have inbuilt Infra Red transmitters, to allow the use of the optional wireless headphones. The Click 10 has an inbuilt 2.5 hour rechargeable battery, which is great for enjoying movies on a plane, train or even outdoors. An additional external Li-Polymer battery is also available to provide a further 2.5 hours of playback.

The Nextbase Click 10 portable DVD player is the perfect system to keep everybody entertained on long journeys.

Technical Specifications

Nextbase Click 10 portable DVD player
AC-DC mains adapter
12V cigarette power cable
Car headrest mount
Remote control
In ear headphones
AV cable
Carry Case
Operating manual
Warranty card


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