Wide – Angle Window Lenses: Crystal – Fish Eye SMWD049

19 miniature wide-angle lenses
• Use in one stunning cluster, or
• Punch them out at a touch!
• Apply and remove instantly
• No adhesives! Won’t mar glass!
Be Safe.
Avoid unnecessary accidents. CRYSTAL-FISH and friends, “Beware there’s glass here!” and OR dQ it elegantly. Be Quick!
Press disc onto glass, hold one lens with your finger, peel away disc. Presto!
(See Ilustration.)
Use your imagination try them on shower
doors, fish tanks, mirrors and more. No fading, No staining and Easy

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Technical Specifications

Size: 200mm x 250mm (8″x10″)
Thickness: 1mm
Material: soft clear PVC
Groove pitch: 0.5mm
Negative Focal Length: -300mm
View Angle: upward:13° side:25° down:27°


How to apply
Make sure window is clean
Punch out Fish Eye carefully
Wet glass with plain water
Apply smooth side against window
Roll and press first top half then bottom half onto glass. Remove all air.
Fish Eye will become crystal clear in 24 hours, and will stay on until peeled off. Fish Eye can be cleaned with mild detergent and water.

Product Video

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