Utility Power Pack TKUK017


Portable car jump starter is the heavy duty jump starter along with a bonus rechargeable battery. Ensures that your device stay powered while on-the-go, it works with cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, ATVs and more. In addition to starting your engine, it can also charge your phone, tablet, speaker, 12V/19V accessories and most PC-based laptops. It also support emergency flashlight. An intense LED flashlight with SOS and stroble settings plus a handy little compass are built in to ensure you never get stuck in the dark. Packing Content (Standard) Car jump starter x 1
Air compressor x 1
USB cable for phone,tablet x 1
Connecting cable x 1
Car charger x 1
Power adaptor x 1
Battery clips x1
Laptop connector x 1

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Comes with Compressor Air Pump, suitable for small cars. electric cars, kayaking, cycling, and balls
inflatable product;
• Dual safety protection design;
: 16800mAh high capacity battery, support quick charging and low self discharge;
• Jump start the vehicle (diesel or petrol ) when it is broken down;
• Emergency flashlight for SOS;
• Support survial hammer to shatter glasses in case of trapping in the car;
• Tiny Blade to cut off the rope and the seat belts in case of emergency;
• Car Jump Starter and battery charger for laptops, mobile phones, cameras, DV, and so on.

Technical Specifications

Output – 12V-2A, 16V-3.5A, 19V-3.5A
Input – DC 12V/1A
Dimension – 160 x 75 x 28MM
Dimension (box) – 330 x 270 x 85 MM
USB port – Dual USB ports
USB output – 5V-2A
Weight – 450G
Operating temperature – -20° to 85° C
Start Current – 200A
Peak Current – 600A
Cycle lift – 3000 times
Battery capacity – 16800mAh
Color – Yellow
Charging time – 2-3 hours


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