Swagger Photo/Music DVD – Our Angel Saves The Day (DVD) CESW063


1. Intro! A Special Mission
2. Little Sparrow Meets Johnny
3. Sickness Strikes
4. Angel Finds a Cure
5. A long Journey
6. Parents Get Suspicious
7. Finding Berries…. and a Bear!
8. Trapped
9. Lost in the Cave
10. I Dreamed I Saw an Angel
11. Celebrated and End Credits

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Swagger is a Multimedia Concept (CD/DVD) that is customized using your Child’s name, image or photo as timeless heroes to produce active, positive and fun characters in Music, Sports Action Stories and Adventure Movies. The output is a treasure throve for all children within the age of 3 years – 15 years.

Songs, tracks, movies and adventure series in swagger have been creatively arranged and composed with spellbound contents and quality appreciated by Children, Adolescents, Parents and Grandparents.

Because it has been personalized your kid owns the content and live the hero. Swagger creates a memory that lasts a lifetime.

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