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1. Speed Limiter & Speed Recorder 2. USB flash download data 3. Data can be also configurated and downloaded by Wifi connection between device and mobile phone. 4. Mileage report in PDF format ( It can calculate how many kilometers do the vehicles go every day )
5. Supports pre-warning buzzer before the speed limit preset is reached. The pre-warning buzzer will beep at a frequency of 5 seconds or 20 seconds or other frequencies 6.The speed limit buzzer will be continuous when the preset speed limit is reached.
7.Data is recorded at intervals of 5 secs or 20 secs for at least 72 working hours (Capture speed, longitude, latitude,strength of GPS signal, year, month, day, hour, munite, second, the speed of vehicle)
8. Data export via USB flash disk from the device or by wifi
9. Can directly on the software see the tracking of speed, and tracking playback can also be viewed on the Google map. 10. Speed limit deviation: ± 2km/h
11. Wide Voltage from DC6V to DC 36V 12.Programmable 13. Support Electronic and mechanical speed limition
14. Test after installation ( Using remote controller to test the installtion to see if it’s installed correctly or not. ) 15. Extension USB cable for each device ( It’s much easier for law enforcement to download the data from devices.)
16. NO need for SIM CARD 17. Temper proof 18.Strong stabillity 19. No monthly SIM Card fee

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