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Secret Formular Lab

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This isn’t just a typical science kit. This is your very own chemistry lab in a box!

Made up of clear containers connected by winding tubes and valves – With just one look, this kit will have scientific imaginations reeling with excitement.

“It’s just like a lab from the movies!”

Open up the included lab manual and immediately kids start learning by doing.

Start with the basics of air pressure and fluid dynamics as you try pushing the plunger with the valves opened, closed, with different containers filled, emptied, and with the tubes pushed above and below the water lines

Technical Specifications


SmartLab Ultimate Secret Formula Lab
Real chemistry lab for experimenting with air pressure, fluid dynamics, chemical reactions, and more
Encourages scientific learning, logic, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity
Kids become real scientists!
40 experiments guide kids through real scientific principles including air pressure, fluid dynamics, acids, bases, and more
Experiments feature easy step-by-step instructions for set up, experiment, and safety
Each experiment features detailed scientific explanations kids can easily understand
Illustrated lab manual and instructions included
Spill tray measures 17.75 x 11.25 x 0.75 inches
High quality design and materials for exceptional learning experience

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