Rustproof Concertina Fence Wire (12m Roll) PSCF002


Features of welded razor wire fence:
Robust welded structure.
Zinc coating improve corrosive resistance.
Available in ellipse and circle profile.

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Concertina Fence Wire is fabricated by welding razor wire in ellipse or cicle like profiles. This security fence is designed to prohibit entry and climbing for its sharp blades.

Welded razor mesh is often used as protective fence for factories, gardens, prisons and properties, banks and other places where need high security. Provided in rolls or panels. Circles of spiral razor wire cross each other, leaving no space for a person or middle-sized animals. Spiral razor wire improves security level. Hence, it is widely used in boundary, residential and commercial places, prison and institutions.

Galvanized razor wire has good resistance to all weathers, corrosion and acid rains. For years, silvery appearance will remain for a long time.

Technical Specifications

Concertina Wire Coil Specification
Outside diameter Circles No. Length to be covered
450 mm 112 17m
500 mm 102 16 m
600 mm 86 14 m
700 mm 72 12 m
800 mm 64 10 m
960 mm 52 9 m


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