Retrofit Antixplosion Automobile – Hyundai (Accent) FRIP030


The Retrofit Installation Program (RIP) is the conversion of in use combustible utilities such as automobiles into complete non-combustible utilities. Our retrofit program also embrace the periodic Statutory Testin & Painting (ST & P) of gas cylinders and complete refurbishing of all gas cylinders currently in use.

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Retrofit Automobiles: Xplosion Control can also be installed, adapted or retrofitted into new or used boats, cars, buses, vans and trucks in order to make their inbuilt tanks non-combustible even when there is a road crash or major spark that ignite fire. Retrofitted automobile tanks while in motion experience a certain measure of stability in the movement (splashing) of the fuel in tandem with sudden variations in movement/velocity which could lead to a spark.

Even when there is a spark/fire in the engine, the fuel tank remains intact so the fire can easily be controlled/managed with the use of regular extinguisher or fire blanket.

Depending on weather and climatic conditions retrofit installation in any automobile will surely yield the surprise benefit of reducing vaporization of fuel in the tank by between 5% to 25%. This return on investment will confer huge financial benefit when converted into cash savings from day one after the installation of Xplosion Control.

Retrofit automobiles are entitled to a percentage discount in insurance premium as a result of the reduced risk profile of the asset because the dangers of fire and explosion are mitigated.

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