Rechargeable Hand Held Metal Detector-03B1 UGMDR19


• Anti-siding design
• Low battery indicator
• High sensitivity
• Low power consumption

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Functions and characters:
1. Easy operation, coming with leather case, convenient for carrying
2. Also called panel type detector, with large detecting area, preventing any missed detecting.
3. With recharging function.
4. LED will be off or will be alarming consistently while battery voltage is low
5. Available with double alarming mode: Buzzer & LED and vibration
6. In special occasion, switching can done by auto reset function switch, so as to detect small objects.
7. Sensitivity can be adjusted by operator according to security level

Technical Specifications

Technical Parameters:
Product dimension: 410mmx85x45mm
Packing dimension: 44.5cmx26.5cmx52cm
Product weight: 25pcs/carton, 13.3kg/carton
Working power supply: 6F22ND 9V
Alarming mode: Alarming with buzzer & LED, and vibration synchronized


Product Video

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