(1)The ultrasonic wave coming out of this machine is alternate and changeable which can not make the pests have “adaptability” and “immunity”.

(2)Large output and two loud-speakers. Good effectiveness for repelling the pests.

(3)Mewing & mouse crying which can drive the pests away quickly and effectively.

(4)AC/DC dual power supply. When there is power failure, device can be powered by the rechargeable battery automatically.


(1)Giving out two ultrasonic wave.

(2)Mewing/Mouse Cry/Noise.

(3)Dual Powered-AC Power and Rechargeable Battery

(4) The rechargeable battery can be used when there is power failure.

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Adapting high-tech methods, PEST EJECT COMBO can give out a kind of peculiar and strong ultrasonic wave which can irritate the nervous and audio system of the mouse and other pests, make them uncomfortable and unpleasant and drive them away. Even if they all do not flee away at once for a few ones, they will become listless, poor appetite and will lose their reproduction and invasion ability

COVERAGE: Around 100 sqm.

Technical Specification

(1).AC Power : AC220V/50HZ OR 11OV/60HZ

DC Power: 12V more than  3—4AH

(2). Rated Power: 6.5W

(3). Frequency:

NO.1 ultrasonic wave: 25-45KHz  working 40s  No Interval

NO.2 ultrasonic wave: 35KHZ working 40s  No Interval


Subject to the size of the area, can be used to expel select pests in the following places:

Family home, warehouse, grain depot, garage, shop, hotel, restaurant, hospital, office, machine room etc.

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