Multipurpose Utility Kit TKUK016 (Copy)


Heavy duty jump starter along with a bonus rechargeable battery and tyre inflator. Ensures that your device stay powered while on-the-go, it works with cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, ATVs and more.What is more, it can also charge your phone, tablet, speaker, 12V/19V accessories and most PC-based laptops. It also support emergency flashlight. An intense LED flashlight with SOS and stroble
settings plus a handy little compass are built in to ensure you never get stuck in the dark.

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• Dual safety protection design;
• 18000mAh high capacity battery, support quick charging and low self discharge;
• Jump start the vehicle (diesel or petrol ) when it is broken down;
• Emergency flashlight for SOS;
• Car Jump Starter and battery charger for laptops, mobile phones, cameras, DV, and so on.
Jump starter is compact and portable, it can jump start your car over 5000 times.

Technical Specifications

Output – 12V-2A, 16V-3.5A, 19V-3.5A
Input – CC/CV15V/1A
Dimension – 162 x 777 x 36.5MM
USB output – 5V-2A
Weight – 225G
Operating temperature – -10° to 65° C
Start Current – 200A
Peak Current – 400A
Cycle lift – 3000 times
Battery capacity – 18000mAh
Color – Dark
Charging time –2-3 hours


1) Charge laptop
A. According to your laptop brand and model, select suitable connector.
B. Turn on the switch of starter, press “function switch”, and voltage indicator light will start blinking.
C. According to your laptop voltage. press “ function switch” in 5 sec to switch the voltage.
For example,laptop voltage is 19V, then press “ function switch” twice in 5 sec while voltage inicator
light blinking.
D. Connect power adapter of laptop to jump starter. 2) Charge phone,tablet
1. Insert USB cable, connect with your phone or tablet.
2. Turn on the switch of starter.
3. Press “function switch”, start charging your device.
How to start emergency flashlight?
A. Turn on the switch of starter
B. Hold and press function switch for 5 sec, flashlight will be on and steady.
C. Press function switch to change flashing mode ( 3 modes: steady, fast flashing, slow flashing)
How to charge the jump starter
A. Connect power adapter to jump starter
B. Connect power adapter to power source. power indicate light will be on.

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