Mobile Home Theatre CEMT087


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.Anytime, anywhere,enjoy movies & TV freely .
• 37inch big screen(2M far), high-quality picture shown
.Unique optics design for safe and comfortable using .
• LCD display, no harm for eyes .
• Auto recognize and exchange between NTSC/PAL.
.Special design for glasses user with nose tongs .
• Connect to ipod video directly .
• Connect to cell phone, enjoy movie & TV.
.It can connect to any video which has AV output devices (DVD, TV, MP4, VCR, Camcorder .)

Technical Specifications

Video Signal: – NTSC/PAL
Display: -2 TFT LCD Displays
Color Depth: – 24 Bit Input
Image Size: – 37″ Screen (2M far)
Resolution: – 320X240 (230K Pixels)
Audio: – double-channel stereo
Viewing Angle: – 26° (Diagonal)
Battery: – 1] OOmAh Lithium-ion battery (it is inside the glasses)
Charge Voltage: – DC5V
Net Weight: – 49~
Power consumption: – <4S0mW Battery duration: - About 9 hours


Product Video

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