LPG Gas Detector FSGD023


An indoor combustion gas detector with high stability, hereinafter called detector, used for combustion gas leak detection. It uses highly stable semiconductor gas sensor with features of stable performance and low drift of sensitivity. When it senses combustion gas leak that reaches the set alarm level, it will give out alarm sound with red LED flashing. The detector is applied in indoor places where combustion gas leaks possibly happen.

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• Detects Natural Gas/LPG
• Wall Mounted
• Highly Stable Semiconductor Gas Sensor
• Adopts MCV Processing
• Manual Test/Auto Reset Functions
• Auto Check Malfunction
• High Capacity Relay (3A/250V)
• SMT Manufacture Technology, High Stability
• Comply to GB15322. 2-2003

Technical Specifications

DC Type – ACType
DC9-24V – AC220V

Working Envir. – -10°C – +55°C, 1 0%-95%RH (no congelation)
Storage Temp. – -25°C – +55°C
Alarm Level – 6%LEL
Error – ±3%LEL
Sensor – Highly Stable Semiconductor Gas Sensor
Reset – Auto Reset (Leaked Gas Level< Alarm Level) Sound Level - 75dB/lm Output Relay Output - Relay or Solenoid Valve Signal Output Relay - lC(SPDT), Contact loads: 3 A 250 VAC/30 VDC Solenoid Valve Signal - DCI2V 300ms Indicator - Power: Green LED ON Alarm: Red LED Flashing Fault: Yellow LED ON Dimension - 110*70*40mm


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