Pressure Regulator FSGR052


Digital regulator for Domestic Gas Cylinder

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The K & G Pressure Regulator in connection with the LPG cylinder valve reduces the high gas pressure in the cylinder to the low service pressure. The double stage design ensures an excellent regulator performance and characteristic. The regulator can be equipped with a pressure relief valve in the low pressure stage, opening at a nominal pressure of 150 mbar.

The body and cover of this regulator form a sealed unit after assembly in order to prevent any external interference which may affect the regulating mechanism.

The regulator can be equipped with a flow limiter which cuts off the gas flow automatically at approx 1500 l air/hr. (under normal cylinder pressure) in case of ruptured gas tubing or the gas tubing is pulled off. After cut-off the gas escape is limited to maximum 35 l air/hr.

No tools are required to connect the regulator to the valve. CE Approved
Excess flow valve
Steel mesh filter, (standard filer is plastic)
Excess Flow Limiter
Re-enforced diaphragm

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