GPS Auto Speed Monitor ASSM001


Vehicle Speedometer on the GO! Concurrently visible to drivers and passengers

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1. Head-up display – projects the driving speed on the windscreen.
2. Driving time and mileage calculation and display
3. Easy Setup–Plug & Play- Power through vehicle cigarette lighter. No professional installation is required.
4. Compatible with all Cars & Trucks. Use GPS ~ignal guided calculation. No wiring needed to the VSS (vehicle speed signal).
5. Display MPH or KM/h
6. Auto adjust brightness through sensor for Day & Night driving.
7. Vehicle driving speed display. Green color speed display, easy on your eye.
8. Over-speed Alarm setting

Technical Specifications

1. GPS positioning time: 1 to 5 minutes in the open air (The bad weather will affect the
positioning time).
There is no GPS signals indoors.
2. Speed deviation: Since the speed data comes from the GPS satellite, slight deviation is
3. lnput voltage: DC 5V Input current: DC 50-120mA Power bank for power supply is supported.
4. Working temperature: -30 to 70 degree
5. Driving data deviation is around 2%
6. All driving data will be cleared when power off


1. Set the over-speed alarm rate
A: Press the Up Button or Down Button to increase or decrease the speed rate
B: The default alarm speed rate is 120KM/h
2. Set display mode: Press Enter button, you will see numbers”111 “”222″”333” are shown on the screen:
A: 111 refers to Normal display mode, content will be shown on the screen in normal
B: 222 refer to Reflecting display mode, content will be shown on the screen in opposite
side in order to be reflected on the windscreen correctly.
C: 333 refer to Upside-down display mode, content will be shown on the screen upside-
down in order to fit the specific position in the car, such as behind the front rearview
mirror. (for certain vehicle models only)
3. Set the speed meter unit (KM or Mile)
A: Long press the Enter button, if you see number 100 shown on the screen, which means
B: Long press the Enter button, if you see number 161 shown on the screen, which means
C: The default speed meter unit is set as KM/h

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