BioLite Solo Fingerprint Reader ACBL014


BioLite Solo is powered by Suprema’s renowned fingerprint algorithm that has been recognized multiple times by both FVC and NIST MINEX as the best algorithm in the world. The device delivers fast matching speed and rapid responses while providing an exceptional low error rate. The powerful DSP of the device is capable of handling large amounts of data required for fast and accurate verification while ensuring uninterrupted device operations.

▪ Complete standalone operation without PC connection
▪ Outdoor spec with waterproof and weatherproof (IP65)
▪ Graphic LCD and keypad for user friendly interface
▪ Built-in relay and switch input for direct lock interface
▪ Optional external relay unit for secure door control
▪ Compact, slim and elegant design
▪ Log storage for audit trail

Technical Specifications

Cable Specifications
Type No. Name Color
Door open 1 GND Black
switch 2 SWIN1 Brown
Door open 3 GND Black
sensor 4 SWIN 0 purple
5 Normal Close Orange (White String)
Relay 6 Common Green (White String)
7 Normal Open Gray (White String)
8 power + (12Vdc) Red
9 power GND Black
power & 485 10 485GND White (Black String)
11 485 + Blue (Black String)
12 485- Yellow (Black String)
Electrical Specifications Type Name Min. Typ. Max. Notes
Power Voltage (V) 10.8 12 13.2 Use regulated DC power adaptor only
Current(mA) – 250
Switch VIH(V) – TBD
Input VIL(V) – TBD
Pull-up – 4.7k – The input ports are pulled up with ` resistance (Q ) 4.7k resistors
Relay Switching – – 1 30VDC
capacity (A) 0.3 125V AC
Switching – – 30W DC
power 37.5VA AC
Switching – – 110 DC
voltage (V) 125 AC
General Specifications Item Specification
Memory 4MB Flash and 8MB RAM
Fingerprint sensor 500dpi optical sensor
User capacity 200 users (2 fingerprints per user)
Matching speed Less than 1 second
Operation mode Fingerprint, Password, Fingerprint + Password
LCD 128 x 64 Graphic LCD (Monochrome)
Keypad 3×4 keypad, 3 navigation keys
User interface Multi-color LED and Multi-tone buzzer
TTLI/O 2 inputs for exit switch and door sensor
Internal relay Deadbolt, EM lock, door strike, automatic door
IP rate IP65 class
Log capacity 5,000 events
Timer RTC Charge-type Backup Battery Embedded
Rated Voltage DC 12V (Min. 500mAand above)
Size 60 x 185 x 40 mm (Width x Height x Depth)


Function – Method for setting
(Sequentially perform the following items.)

Initial administrator registration – Enter ID ••• Select PIN Only for authorization method
` ••• Enter password ••• Enter password again

Date & time setting – Select Screen, Sound (~) icon ••• Select Date, Time
() icon ••• Enter date'” Enter time

User registration – Select User (B) icon ••• Select Enroll (~,) icon'” Enter ID •••
Select General or Administrator in Level'” Select ` authorization method ••• Enter fingerprint or password

User password modification – Select User (~) icon'” Select Edit (~,) icon'” Enter ID or Finger print'” Select PIN ••• Enter the desired password'” Enter it again

User fingerprint modification – Select User (~) icon'” Select Edit (~,) icon'” Enter 10 or fingerprint'” Select Fingerprint'” Enter the fingerprint of the user••• Enter it again

User authorization – Select User (B) icon'” Select Enroll (~,) icon'” Enter 10 or
method modification fingerprint'” Select Operation Mode'” Select an authorization method

User deletion – Select User (B) icon'” Select Delete (~) icon'” Enter 10 or fingerprint to delete

All user deletion – Select Device (¬) icon'” Select System (~) icon ••• Select Delete User DB ••• Select Delete

Initialization – Select Device (¬) icon ••• Select System (~) icon'” Select
(Environment settings deletion) Factory Default – Select Initialize

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