4 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel FSFP027


This product is a 2-zone to 4-zone FACP (Fire Alarm Control Panel), which uses conventional input devices. The panel accepts two-wire smoke detectors, four-wire smoke detectors, pull stations and other normally-open contact devices. Outputs include four Notification Appliance Circuits, five standard Form-A relays (alarm, fault, fire protection, reset and sounder) and an EIA-485 port to interface with remote annunciators and optional remote relay modules. The FACP is field programmable via the panel keypad. It also supervises all wiring, AC voltage and battery level.

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• Micro-controller technology
• All zones accept conventional detectors and any normally open contact device
• Max 30 conventional detectors in one zone
• 5.0 amps of system power
• 5 standard Form-A relays (alarm, fault, fire protection, reset and sounder)
Compatible with many types of two-wire detectors
Power limited for limited energy cable
Supervised audible/visual signaling circuit operation
• A fault circuit which monitors the following fault conditions:
Open detector loop(s)
Low battery voltage
Missing or disconnected battery
Ground fault
Low AC voltage (Brown-out condition)
Loss of AC power
Open or shorted Notification Appliance Circuit
• Control switches
Reset for control and detectors
Fault Silence with resound
Disable to silence alarm
• LED indicating lamps
AC power
Alarm sounder(s)
• Colorful TFT display
• Designed with standby batteries and space provision for two sealed lead-acid batteries

Technical Specifications

• Operating Voltage: AC220V±15%, 50Hz, 5.0 amps
• Standby Battery: Two 12V@2.6AH lead-acid batteries standby for 7 days at least
• Standby Consumption: Less than AC220V@0.3W
Sound Output Device Circuits
General Alarm Zones 1 through 4
Operation: All zones Class B
Normal Operating Voltage: Nominal 24 VDC (ripple = 100 mV maximum)
Alarm Current: 15 mA threshold
Short Circuit Current: 24 mA maximum
End-of-Line Resistor: 4.7K, 1, watt
• Five Relays Output
Relay contact rating: 2.0 amps @ 30 VDC (resistive), 2.0 amps @ 250 VAC (resistive)
• Operating Temperature: _100C~55°C
• Operating Humidity: <93% (non condensing) • Battery Dimension: 69.8mm(L)*47.0mm(W)*97.3mm(H) • Product Dimension: 300mm(L)* I 00mm(W)*2lOmm(H) • N.W.: Appro. 2.2kg (without battery)


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