2-Wire Conventional Heat Detector FSHD020


This heat detector offers fixed temperature or combination rate-of-rise and fixed temperature detection, suitable to any household or commercial applications. The detector is made up of an externally mounted thermistor with a specially designed cover that protects the thermistor while allowing maximum air flow. The thermistor reads the temperature from the air it takes in and transmits a signal representing the temperature to the panel. If the temperature reaches or exceeds the trip point or the temperature increase reaches or exceeds the rate-of-rise, the detector is triggered. The status LED lights in red and alarm signal is output. The detector is an ideal unit to detect rapid fire developments in houses, shops, hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, banks, libraries and etc.

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• SMT Adopted, High Stability
• Low Standby Current
• Anti-RFI & Anti-EMI
• 9-35v Dc Wide Voltage
• Alarm Relay N.C/N.O. Optional (4wire)
• Remote Led Indicator Output (2wire)

Technical Specifications

PRODUCT CATEGORY – 2wire 4wire
STANDBY CURRENT – 50uA 2mA(relay N.O.) 12mA(relay N.C.)
ALARM CURRENT – 35mA@DC12V 15mA(relay N.O.),
83mA@DC24V 5mA(relay N.C.)
TEMPERATURE RANGE – -10 •C ~ +50 •C, HUMIDITY < 95 % RH RATE OF RISE - 8C (15F) MIN DETECTION RANGE 50M2⁰ at 6-12m installation Height ALARM OUTPUT - REMOTE LED RELAY OUTPUT CONTACT RATING - N/A 0.5A@DC28V STANDARD - EN54-5, UL52I,GB4716-2005 DIMENSION - 100 mm diameter*48mm deep


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